Andy Fox

Name Andrea "Andy" Fox
Nicknames Andy
Age 42
Relatives Fox Family, Quincy
Gender Female
Status Alive
Relationship Roger
Hair Color Blonde
Born May 22

Andrea "Andy" Fox (Born May 22) is the mother of Peter, Paige, and Jason and the wife of Roger. She is portrayed in the strip as a 42-year-old mother. According to the strip, she was also an English major in college. Her own love of education makes her entirely unsympathetic to her two older children's typical hatred of school and homework, which she expects them to love as much as she did. While earlier strips portrayed her as a freelance writer and columnist for a local newspaper, references to her job were gradually dropped and she has mostly been portrayed as a stay-at-home mother.


Andy often prepares exaggerated vegetarian or vegan meals for her family (most often tofu, eggplants, spinach, beets, etc.), much to their chagrin, but she continues to try to get them to eat what she believes to be healthier meals. She often criticizes her husband and children for what she sees as their bad habits, such as procrastination and use of improper grammar. She has been known to impose her will and beliefs rather harshly on her family, including Roger, such as occasions when she refused to buy coffee because she believed him to be "addicted" to it, and instructing Jason to play video games to prevent Roger from watching Super Bowl pre-game programming. This has also shown her to be something of a hypocrite as her attempt to use a Momvo to restrict her children's shows ended when it wouldn't record her Soap Operas. She is shown to be easily stressed-out over such matters, and as a result highly ill-tempered at such times. Portrayed as a cheapskate, she tends to consistently keep the family's thermostat down during the winter months to save money, often cold enough to freeze hot drinks, oxygen, and several liquids in the house. In one strip it was so cold the family computer literally froze, while in another she had the thermostat at a temperature that was below 0 degrees. (In one strip, she also replaced the family's telephone with a telegraph and shut off the family's cable TV). She sometimes becomes obsessed with video games that she will not allow her children to play, such as Jason's Doomathon II game, which Jason traded for Sim-Moonwalk before Andy could even know the secret to Level 83. Andy has also been shown to obsess over certain other fads, such as "Bitty Babies" (a parody of Beanie Babies), the movie Titanic, and the Nintendo DS game Nintendogs.