Eugene Wu
Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 11.00.03 AM
Name Eugene Wu
Age 10
Gender Male
Status Alive
Relatives Phoebe
Hair Color Black
Enemies Phoebe, Marcus, Jason, Eileen

Eugene Wu is Pheobe's brother. He is shown to be very annoying and always seems to stay out of trouble (by bribing the authority). He is shown to be enemies with Jason and Marcus. In Camp Foxtrot after Jason and Marcus ruined their own project and were forced to vote for Eileen and Phoebe, he acted smug until Marcus reminded him he lost to his sister again.

Appearance Edit

Eugene has black hair and glasses. He appeared later in the strip so, as a result, his appearance has not changed.

Relationships with other characters Edit

Jason: Eugene hates Jason. The two of them fight and Jason referred to him once as "some hideous toxic monster."

Marcus: Marcus and Eugene don't interact as much as Jason and Eugene, Though we know that he finds him annoying. He did once try to throw a stone at him, though.

Eileen: Eileen sees Eugene as basically an enemy. The two of them don't fight as much as the others, but we do know, that they hate each other.

Phoebe: We know from the start that Phoebe hates her brother, due the fact that when Jason asked her if he was cool, she burst out laughing. She dislikes him, especially after he tries to destroy Phoebe's friendship with Jason, Marcus, and Eileen.

Personality Edit

Eugene is Chinese-American. While Phoebe appears to be a relatively normal girl, Eugene is an obnoxious braggart who does not get along well with Jason and Marcus and is regarded even by his big sister as an object of derision. He returns in a second extended storyline a few years later involving the theft of Phoebe's camp journal. The culprit turned out to be Eugene, who had hoped to foster discord among the "friendship club" and thus bring about its disbandment; however, Phoebe punishes him by incorporating a new friendship club with a non-disbandment clause. He has since made occasional guest appearances.

Trivia Edit

  • It is mentioned, that Phoebe has a higher IQ than he does.