Jason Fox
Name Jason Fox
Nicknames Darth Jason, Jasolyn, etc.
Age 10
Gender Male
Status Alive
Relatives Fox Family, Quincy
Relationship Eileen (broke up)
Hair Color Blonde
Born March 6
Friends Marcus, Eileen, Phoebe
Enemies Eugene, Morton

Jason Curtonious Fox (Born March 6) is the youngest child of the family and the strip's protagonist. A 10-year-old boy who wears glasses (though his pupils are unseen), he is shown to be very intelligent, and is often relied on to help Roger with taxes, or Peter and Paige with homework. Unlike his siblings, Jason wants to do his homework, and often receives incredibly high marks as a result (72 correct answers out of 20 questions is disappointing to him). Although he once did get an B on a test. He sometimes is disappointed when he has no homework because he did all the homework for the year in the first week of school. He tends to aggravate the teachers with his overly complicated answers and is frequently in trouble for disrupting class. Despite his intellect, he is shown to take most things too literally on occasion. (Once, when Roger asked him for "java", meaning a cup of coffee, Jason gave him a mug with a printout from the Java programming language.) He also once placed an order for a pizza with "17/51 cheese, 109/327 sausage, and 86,499,328/259,497,984 mushroom" (which resulted in Roger receiving all his change in pennies and telling Jason that him ever asking him to order their pizza again was an "unlikely event"), and unsuccessfully tries extreme ways to get Roger and Andy to raise his allowance, which almost always results in sudden decrease in his pay.

Appearance Edit

In the original comics from the 1980's his appearance was a bit different. His face was longer, his hair was a bit different, his ears were drawn different, and his nose also was different.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 11.46.21 AM

Jason in the second comic.

Later as Bill Amend's drawing style changed Jason's design got updated to mostly the design we know today but with a slightly longer face.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 11.57.18 AM

Jason from the 1990's

Finally, his face became more straightened and he became less thin.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 11.58.34 AM

Jason as we know and love today (Except for Paige)

Relationships with other characters Edit

Paige: Jason actively tries to annoy Paige as much as possible. He does the typical things that younger brothers do to annoy their older sisters. Jason also sometimes does unorthodox things, such as telling Paige that Quincy has barfed on her bed, taking a picture of the look on her face, and selling monster masks with that picture on it for $1 each. Also coming up with little comic strips called Slug Man, where Paige is main Antagonist.

Peter: Jason really has a neutral relationship with Peter. They play the same video games together (many of which are rated M at minimum), and generally like each other. However, when Peter forces Jason to tag along to certain events or makes him play sports, Jason is usually quite angry.

Andrea Fox: Jason has a natural love for Andrea, being her child. However, Jason often tries to pester her for either a new computer (or a related piece of technology, like a new mouse) or a much higher allowance. Occasionally, he has resorted to spam mail (10,000 messages saying "Raise Jason's Allowance" which put him down to a dollar every 1000 years) or even talking while Andrea was sleeping (influencing her dreams so she had a dream of him buying her a bunch of very expensive gifts after Jason's allowance was raised to $15,000 a week).

Roger Fox: Much like his mother, Jason loves his father just as much. He hates when his father is on the computer. While trying to find an e-card Jason had sent for Father's Day, Roger destroyed every file and reformatted the hard drive. This usually happens every time he uses the computer, even when he used the simplest computer that Andrea could find in 1990.On the few occasions Roger takes him out for golf, Jason does everything to resist. Jason also does not get Roger's interest in sports.

Quincy: Jason loves his iguana. He has trained Quincy for several years to destroy Paige's clothes and barf them all over her bed. Sometimes he throws Quincy in Paige's face. Once, he put him in Paige's bath.

Marcus: Jason and Marcus are best buds. They both like geeky things, but as evident from previous comics, their similarities have limits. For example, Marcus kinda likes girls while though, even though it's been proven that he isn't Jason says that he's against girls.

Eileen: Eileen is referred to as Jason's sweetheart. He repeatedly says he doesn't like her but it has been proven he does such as when he was mad over not getting a mushy valentines card from Eileen.


Jason loves many geeky things. In the late 80's and 90's, he loved dinosaurs, but he gradually became interested in Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Dungeons and Dragons. Somewhere around 2005, he becomes interested in World of Warquest, a computer game parody of World of Warcraft. Once, Jason put on a Steve Jobs costume in order to find out what items he releasing at his presentation.

Jason also occasionally, puts on his parents' clothing, and puts Quincy on his head, pretending to be characters such as John Quincy Adams, Don Iguan, or, on one very memorable occasion, Quincy's mother.

Trivia Edit

  • Jason apparently likes anime.
  • During a storyline, Peter told him he was reading a book called "The Metamorphosis" where a man wakes up one day to find he transformed into a giant bug. Jason immediately went to bed, hoping the same thing would happen to him. Jason transformed into a female version of himself named Jasolyn.
  • He once created a computer virus (referred to as the "Darth Jason" virus in the strip) so strong that it "killed off the internet."