Name Kyle
Age 14
Status Alive
Gender Male
Relationships Nicole
Friends Nicole

Kyle is a character who appears in a story arc that lasted from October 20, 2003, to November 1, 2003. He is shown to be Nicole's love interest/boyfriend. He is apparently a friend of Morton as he was at his party.


Kyle appears wearing a bowtie. He also is wearing a dress shirt. He, like Tommy, has three freckles on each one of his cheeks. He has straight hair, (though the color is unknown.) He is wearing dress pants, and a Dracula-like cape, due to the fact that this is a Halloween Party.

Relationships with other charactersEdit

Nicole: He apparently likes Nicole. This is shown as they are holding hands when Nicole introduces him to Paige, She mentions to Paige (to annoy her) the fact that, even at Morton's party, she managed to find a guy.


He is shown to be a sports fan. this is due to the fact that he was apparently found by Nicole, in Morton's basement, watching ESPN on the TV. He is also most likely smart, as he is Morton's friend.