Mindy Beringer

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Name Mindy Beringer
Age 16
Status Alive
Gender Female
Relationship Steve
Friends Steve

Mindy Beringer is Steve's girlfriend. She first appeared in a story arc from November 29-December 18, 1993. In the story arc, Peter makes all sorts of preparations for the holiday formal dance, but when he asks Denise out to it, she tells him she can't go because she's visiting her grandmother for Christmas, and he's unable to get the deposit back on the limo he rented. She then asks him if he'd like to take her to the dance. Peter can't bring himself to say no but doesn't want to hurt Denise's feelings either. Eventually, Mindy suddenly falls in love with Steve, solving Peter's problem.

Appearance Edit

Mindy is shown wearing a sweater. She also wears a skirt. She has her hair in a ponytail. She also has earrings. Mindy, due to the fact that she appeared in the 1990's she has the same facial shape as other characters. She is around the same height as Morton.

Relationships with other characters Edit

Steve: Steve and Mindy are shown to be very close. Steve appears in the comic on December 15, 1993, as liking Mindy. This is shown as he has hearts above his head and asks Peter to introduce him. He is then shown in the comic on December 16, 1993,  holding hands with Mindy and making plans for what to do after the dance.

Personality Edit

Mindy is shown to be shy in the comics. Peter refers to her as "the quiet one," showing that she most likely doesn't raise her hand much in class. 


  • She's in Peter's English class.