Paige Fox

Name Paige Fox
Nicknames Paige-o-tron
Age 14
Relatives Fox Family, Quincy
Status Alive
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Friends Nicole

Paige Fox (Born September 17) is the middle child of the Fox family. A 14-year-old high-school freshman, she is always portrayed with her hair in a pony-tail. She is said to be "5 foot 2" in earlier strips. She enjoys shopping and will often demand that Peter drive her to the mall, sometimes using blackmail to force him into it.

A running gag through the series is that she has a huge craving for candy and other sweets. She shares her obsessions with her best friend, Nicole. Paige often has sleepovers at Nicole's house to avoid Jason's pet iguana, Quincy.

Although persistent in her pursuit of a boyfriend, she has almost never dated in the strip. A running gag is nerd Morton Goldthwait's interest in her, though she openly despises him. Paige has tried learning to cook to attract boys, but the food she makes is often inedible or burnt. One time, Paige burned all of her cookies so badly that Roger used them as a substitute for charcoal briquettes after Andy "directed him towards a stash.

Paige Fox

Paige often falls asleep in class, partly because she stays up late. Paige will often ask Jason for help in homework, usually in mathematics. However, he often gives her intentionally incorrect answers or charges her money in exchange for the correct ones.


Like the rest of the family, she has interests expected of her age group. Her obsessions include fashionpop music, modern fads and trends, and attractive teenage boys.