Peter Fox

Name Peter Fox
Nicknames Peter, Pete
Age 16
Relatives Fox Family, Quincy
Status Alive
Gender Male
Relationship Denise
Hair Color Brown
Born October 31
Friends Steve

Peterson Josiah "Peter" Fox (born October 31st) is the eldest child of the Fox Family. A 16-year-old junior, he is regularly shown wearing a blue/purple and white baseball cap with the letter A on it, as well as a grey hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. Occasionally, his cap has an "H" instead of an "A", but only as a benchwarmer for the high school baseball team. He is only seen to take off his hat in the first few books for formal occasions such as church or the prom.

He is also depicted as having an exaggerated appetite, but is frustrated that no matter how much he eats, he cannot seem to gain any weight (except in one series of strips, where he gained 50 pounds at a pizza joint's all-you-can-eat pizza night, then losing it by the Saturday strip.) He is also shown as a reckless driver once claiming to have "flirted" with four-digit speeds. Peter has pulled many stunts with the family car, such as speeding, back-wheelies, deliberately spinning and fishtailing, driving so fast that zero-gravity was achieved, almost sideswiping Andy's car, and going over the speed limit while parallel parking. 

Peter is also portrayed as a procrastinator, and one of the running gags of the strip is the many ways he dreams up to avoid doing his homework or household chores. He once bragged that he was "sick of homework from day one" in response to Paige claiming that she's starting to get sick of homework barely two weeks after the start of school, as well as becoming two weeks behind on schoolwork only one week into the year, a fact he seems to be proud of. He also shows interest in sports, but is constantly shown to be inept at both football and baseball This has been demonstrated by his name being preprinted on the list of people cut from the football team. He even once had a dream of being a contender on the TV show, American Gladiators, but before the dream could be realized, he severely injured himself flexing in front of a mirror. In later strips, Peter is shown to be the team manager of the football team as opposed to the player, but gets no appreciation from the jocks who do.

He is also seen as occasionally power hungry, especially when there are no parents. In an early storyline, when Andy and Roger went away, he forced Paige and Jason to be his servants, baking him cookies, cleaning his room, and the like. He then locked them in the basement because they tried to call for help from their parents.\

He is friends with Steve.


Peter also holds other stereotypical interests for an adolescent male, including swimsuit models, video games, and guitar playing. He is known to be an avid Bruce Springsteen fan, once dating a girl named Susie Johnson only because she had Springsteen tickets, and during the Thursday strip, Peter touched Bruce's sweat. Since some of the earlier strips, Peter has been dating a blind girl named Denise Russo.