Slug Man is a comic strip that Jason created. It involves Slug Man, a slug with a cape and Superman cape, Leech boy, a leech with a mask who is Slug Man's sidekick, and their nemesis Paige-o-Tron, an evil robot based off of Paige Fox.

Vehicles Edit

Slug mobile Edit

The Slug mobile is a 200 trillion slugpower car in the shape of a slug. It has retracting wheels and the eye stalks have headlights.

Slug boat Edit

the slug boat is a ballon powered boat that resembles a slug.

Slug copter Edit

The Slug copter is a helicopter that resembles a slug. it has a variety of "clip on weapons" and a net launcher.

Slug space station Edit

The Slug space station in a gigantic grey-brown colored space station with "glow in the dark decals".

Slug Saturn-V Edit

The Slug Saturn-V is a grey-brown version of the Saturn-V

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