Name Steve
Age 16
Status Alive
Gender Male
Relationships Mindy
Hair Color Orange
Friends Peter, Mindy

Steve is Peter's best friend. He works at a pizza shop Peter likes this for he loves pizza. Steve does not seem as interested in sports as Peter. He does seem to like to eat, but not nearly as much a Peter.

He is impressed when Peter has punched Mike Barnes in the nose because he (Steve) has been wanting to deck him (Mike) for years, and he still enjoys it even when Peter says it was stupid. He is regularly shown wearing a red/white T-shirt and blue jeans.

He (like Peter) is also depicted as having an exaggerated appetite.  

Appearance Edit

In the original comics from the 1990's his appearance was a bit different. It was mostly the design we know today but with a slightly longer face.

Finally, his face became more straightened.

Relationships with other characters Edit

Peter: Peter is Steve's best friend. They both like sports and are foodies.

Mindy: Steve and Mindy are shown to be very close. Steve appears in the comic on December 15, 1993, as liking Mindy. This is shown as he has hearts above his head and asks Peter to introduce him. He is then shown in the comic on December 16, 1993,  holding hands with Mindy and making plans for what to do after the dance.

Personality Edit

Steve also holds other stereotypical interests for an adolescent male, including swimsuit models, video games, and guitar playing. He once wanted to invite all the cheerleaders to the party.

Trivia Edit

  • Paige once noted that Steve was "cute".
  • He often lets Peter borrow his guitar instruments and amps, which usually ends up with Peter destroying most of the objects in the house.