Story arcs are comics that follow a storyline over 2 or more days. By 2007 when Bill Amend switched to Sundays there were no more story arcs.

1980's Edit

1988 Edit

April Edit

April 12-13 Edit

Jason loses Quincy in Paige's Room. Note: This is the first appearance of Paige and Andy.

April 20-21 Edit

Jason gets a new Transformer and Roger breaks it.

April 29-30 Edit

Peter wonders how to ask Linda Downer to the prom.

May Edit

May 1-5 Edit

Paige and Nicole have a sleepover. Note this is Nicole's first appearance.

May 6-7 Edit

Roger and Andy play chess.

May 9-14 Edit

Peter is left in charge of Paige and Jason.

May 16-21 Edit

Jason teaches Roger to make a program that draws graphs for work.

May 23-28 Edit

Peter goes to a concert with Susie Johnson

June Edit

June 1-4 Edit

Paige has to study for a geometry assignment.

June 7-8 Edit

Paige has a zit on her forehead.

June 13-18 Edit

Jason has a birthday party for Quincy.

June 22-26 Edit

Peter is being pestered to get a job by Andy and Roger.

June 28-July 1 Edit

Peter plays baseball with Jason.

July Edit

July 4-9 Edit

Paige goes shopping with Roger.

July 13-14 Edit

Peter is forced to eat tofu casserole.

July 19-23 Edit

Roger gets an electronic chess board.

July 27-August 3 Edit

Jason accidentally wrecks the car.

August Edit

August 8-20 Edit

The Fox Family goes on vacation.

September Edit

September 20-30 Edit

Peter becomes Denise's boyfriend.

October Edit

October 3-8 Edit

Jason makes a movie.

October 14-15 Edit

Andy gets the haircut we all know and love.

October 26-28 Edit

Peter writes a poem for Denise.

December Edit

December 5-10 Edit

Peter goes over to Denise's house for dinner.

1989 Edit

February Edit

February 9-11 Edit

The debut of Iguanoman

March Edit

March 6-11 Edit

Paige and Nicole go to a party with Mitch Kellogg.

April Edit

April 4-8 Edit

Peter goes to La Maison Rouge with Denise

April 24-May 6 Edit

Jason creates Slug-Man.

May Edit

May 15-20 Edit

Paige goes to the dance with Chris Morrissey.

June Edit

June 19-24 Edit

Jason goes to see Batman

September Edit

September 14-16 Edit

Paige has cheerleading tryouts.

October Edit

October 11-14 Edit

Jason makes a paper-mache T-Rex

October 16-28 Edit

Jason plays football with Peter but gets hurt.

October 30-November 4 Edit

Paige meets Morton Goldthwait

November Edit

November 6-11 Edit

Jason creates The Lone Iguana

1990's Edit

1990 Edit

January Edit

January 15-20 Edit

Peter and Steve have difficulty with a physics assignment.

January 29-February 3 Edit

Jason makes suction cup leeches.

February Edit

February 12-17 Edit

Quincy chews up Paige's sweater.

February 19-24 Edit

The Fox Family gets a new computer.

March Edit

March 5-10 Edit

Andy unplugged Jason's video game.

April Edit

April 30-May 5 Edit

Peter buys a present for Denise's birthday.

May Edit

May 26-June 2 Edit

June Edit

June 4-9 Edit

Jason makes a haunted house

July Edit

July 9-21 Edit

Roger gets an intern.

August Edit

August 21-25 Edit

Peter and Roger play football.

September Edit

September 24-29 Edit

Peter likes someone else and Denise gets mad.

October Edit

October 22-27 Edit

Peter gets stuck wearing Jason's old Halloween mask.

November Edit

November 5-17 Edit

Roger joins a health club.

1991 Edit

January Edit

January 28-February 4 Edit

Jason and Peter go down Kamikaze Ridge.

February Edit

February 4-9 Edit

Andy gets a ticket to the Chicago Bulls Game.

March Edit

March 25-30 Edit

Peter breaks Jason's model and Jason swears revenge.

April Edit

April 29-May 4 Edit

Jason breaks the water supply for the house.

June Edit

June 3-8 Edit

Peter punches out Mike Barnes

June 17-29 Edit

The Fox Family goes to Fun-Fun Mountain

July Edit

July 15-20 Edit

Paige writes short stories

October Edit

October 21-26 Edit

Roger is a clown for a party

1992 Edit

March Edit

March 9-14 Edit

Jason writes "Family Circus" comics

March 30-April 4 Edit

Peter and Jason play 10-year-old Indiana Jones and 16-year-old Indiana.

April Edit

April 13-18 Edit

Jason pretends to be Peter while talking to Denise.

June Edit

June 8-13 Edit

Peter becomes Roger's caddy.

June 22-27 Edit

Jason breaks his Nintendo.

August Edit

August 3-22 Edit

The Fox Family goes to Cactus Flats.

October Edit

October 5-10 Edit

Jason writes a comic for the school newspaper.

December Edit

December 1-9 Edit

Paige dissects a frog for biology.

December 14-19 Edit

Roger installs Christmas lights.

1994 Edit

May Edit

May 17-20 Edit

Paige goes to the dance with an unnamed guy.

June Edit

June 7-10 Edit

Paige has dreams about her "soulmate."

1995 Edit

January Edit

January 9-14 Edit

Peter takes Paige shopping.

January 30-February 4 Edit

The return of Iguanoman

February Edit

February 13-18 Edit

Paige plays Cleopatra in "Anthony and Cleopatra."

December Edit

December 25-30 Edit

Jasons mom gets hooked on "Doomathon II."

1996 Edit

January Edit

January 29-February 3 Edit

Roger has an efficiency consultant for work.

February Edit

February 19-24 Edit

Paige saves Quincy from choking.

March Edit

March 4-9 Edit

Roger gets a cigar.

March 11-16 Edit

Peter helps Denise study for the SATs.

March 25-30 Edit

Peter dogsits Fauntleroy.

April Edit

April 1-6 Edit

Peter shaves his head.

April 22-27 Edit

Jason gets a magic set.

May Edit

May 6-18 Edit

Jason writes a sappy Mother's Day card but it gets switched with Eileen's.

May 27-June 1 Edit

Jason tutors Paige.


June 24-29 Edit

Andy and Roger play golf.

July Edit

July 1-6 Edit

Jason creates Captain Quince and Mr. Jason.

July 8-13 Edit

Roger grows a beard.

July 22-27 Edit

Jason and Marcus reinvent the Olympics.

August Edit

August 5-10 Edit

Paige babysits Katie.

August 12-24 Edit

The Fox Family goes camping.

September Edit

September 2-7 Edit

Andy has a column to write but she keeps procrastinating.

September 9-21 Edit

Peter tries out for football.

September 30-October 4 Edit

Roger tries lighting the furnace.