Over the years the Fox Family has purchased four different computers. Two Apple computers and the next two being the famous iFruit.

The Apple IIEdit

The first computer that the Fox's had lasted from April 22, 1988, to February 19, 1990. It is revealed to an Apple II computer in the comic strip on February 21, 1990. Its appearance is that of a large computer. It has buttons below the screen and has a Batman sticker on the right or left, depending on the side that's being shown. It was replaced with the next computer on the list  after Andy saw an ad for: "A computer for the rest of us."

The Macintosh ComputerEdit

The second computer lasted from February 19, 1990, to July 24, 1999. On the box we see the word Macintosh, therefore it is known that it is an Apple. It has had its ups and downs, though. For example, when Roger tried it for the first time, he destroyed multiple disks. He also attempted doing taxes using a Windows program, despite it being an Apple. In another comic, during a fight, Paige and Jason accidentally spill a Coke on the keyboard. Its appearance is different, depending on which comic your reading. Jason is shown to like it due to the fact that it is 1) has color, unlike the past one, and 2) when it inevitably became obsolete Paige no longer wanted to come into the same room as it. It was replaced with the iFruit after Roger, who quit his job and started trading stocks on the internet. He then lost so much money, that he had to sell the computer.

The iFruit 1.0Edit

This, the most popular of the Fox Family's computers lasted from August 9, 1999, to March 4, 2007. It was bought to replace the Macintosh after Roger sold it. Andy ignored the complaints by Jason and bought the iFruit ( A clear reference to the iMac). After choosing the Mango-Kiwi brand, she then found out that it would soon be discontinued. This prompted her to buy every Mango-Kiwi in stock. It then grew on Jason after he realized that Andy would buy any extra stuff for it due to how "cute" they were. When Bill Amend switched to only doing Sunday strips, it was replaced by a thinner version. It made its last appearance in a comic that was a tribute to Steve Jobs, founder of Apple.

The iFruit 2.0Edit

The current computer is another version of the iFruit. It resembles one of the newer iMacs. There are some other differences between it and the past one. 1) It isn't a certain "flavor." 2) When logging in it doesn't say: "Welcome to iFruit, hug me." 3) It doesn't talk.