Tommy Smith
Name Tommy Smith
Age 14
Status Alive
Gender Male
Relationships Paige
Friends Paige

Tommy Smith is a character who appeared in a story arc from May 9-May 21, 1994. In the story arc, Paige is trying to get Tommy to ask her to the dance. After he finally asks her to the dance the rest of the story arc is them at the dance. In the end, it turns out that they spent the half an hour holding hands on the porch.


Tommy has straight hair. He also has three freckles on each one of his cheeks. He wears a short shirt. When he's dressed up for the dance, he wears a jacket, a dress shirt, and tie, and long dress pants.

Relationships with other charactersEdit

Paige: Tommy and Paige are shown to be very close. In one comic where they're working together on a project, Paige gets a paper cut. This causes Tommy to hold her hand to put on a band-aid. Later Paige then comes to him to say sorry if she acted weird. She then lies about having a splinter in her pinky so they can go through that again.


Tommy is shown to be very shy. This is especially shown when he gets nervous talking to Paige. According to him, he's never even talked to a girl, at least before the papercut incident. Even while at the dance, he almost chickened out of dancing with her.


  • According to Jason, Paige destroyed his camera after he was caught taking photos of them holding hands.