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  • JosephHawk

    I'm the new Admin

    September 2, 2013 by JosephHawk

    Hello! I just wanted to give an update on the adoption request that I put in, and my request was accepted on , so that means that I am the new admin of this wiki. I've been working on adding character gallery pages to the articles to make them look cleaner and also I've been working on the wiki's appearance. 

    I know this is a small wiki right now, but I hope to bring in more contributors by promoting our wiki and requesting contributors on the wiki central help pages. If you have any ideas or comments on this wiki, I would love to hear them! Or if you have a problem or issue with anything, I would love to hear that too. I appreciate all the users who are on this wiki and I hope to hear from you. Have an awesome day!  JosephHawk (talk) 20:38…

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