World Of Warquest is a game that Jason plays to an extreme. He is addicted, and his mother has to pry him off of the keyboard several times. Jason begged Andy to let him log in so he could move his orc from the Misty Marshes because he had left him there without an umbrella.

Jason had a short stint as a gold farmer to earn some cash, but he quit because it was too hard to keep his mom from pulling the plug on the computer.

Jason once met up with a rouge named Sgt. Neelie which was really Ellien in disguise. Marcus had told her Jason's username so she could find him online.

Jason once found the best weapon in the game called Doomulus Prime in the Serpent King's lair, but Jenkins, someone at Blizzard Co. tripped over a cable that disconnected Jason from his server.

Andy made a gnome character to tell Jason that it was time for dinner. You never see Andy as World of Warquest again.